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Creating The Perfect Wedding Day Photography Timeline

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. All weddings are run differently with different traditions and different obstacles, but overall the expected outcome of memorable photos is the same. It's often difficult to pinpoint an exact timeline for these photos, but we can help line up ideal times.

Wedding preparations

It's important to capture the scene as you prepare for your big day. We love to get snapshots of you getting your hair done, chatting with bridesmaids and candid moments as you get ready. We usually have one photographer capturing the bride and one photographer capturing the groom. Some of the best memories are made during this preparation time. Ideal Time – 60-120 minutes Ideal Time of Day – As Early As Possible Ideal Location – Bridal Suites / Hotel and Venue Garden

The details

Details are important to remember every aspect of the wedding day. Little things like the rings, the dress, the shoes, can't be forgotten. We like to get photos of these things before all of the events begin to happen. This way they don't get lost in the madness. Ideal Time – 30 minutes Ideal Time of Day – Morning Ideal Location – Bride’s hotel

Individual/Group Portraiture

It's best to capture the bride and groom alone right after they're ready for the big day. This means they're the freshest, the most excited and the most ready for photos alone. If the day gets away from you, these photos are often forgotten. Ideal Time – 30 minutes Ideal Time of Day – Early Afternoon or Early Evening Ideal Location – Bridal and/or Groom's Suite, Venue Location

First look

Some couples choose not to do the First Look photos, but if you want to capture the first time the groom lays eyes on their bride, this is perfect for you. It's the first time you see one another. This is the start of the rest of your lives. The eyes tell the story. These photos are simply lightning in a bottle and we love capturing the magic. The first look will only take a few minutes, but if you want to take advantage of some of the bright lightings at this time of day, we can take a few more photos of the two of you. Ideal Time – 45 minutes Ideal Time of Day – Early Afternoon or Evening Ideal Location – Outdoors at your Venue

Ceremony and Venue

These photos include details of the ceremony/venue without all of the guests. These are the venue with all of the gorgeous decorations. There won't be any vendors in the photos either. Ideal Time – 30 minutes Ideal Location – Ceremony Site Ideal Time of Day – Morning or Evening


We love to capture the beauty of the reception venue, just like the ceremony venue. We'll get all the name cards, elegant centerpieces, flowers, and anything that stands out. We don’t want all the hard work and attention to detail you put into these decoration items to be forgotten! Ideal Time – 2Hrs Ideal Time of Day — Evening Ideal Location – Reception Site

Immediate family

Immediate family photos sometimes take a bit of time depending on how big of a family you have. If you want to include cousins and extended family, plan on a few extra minutes. Think about how many images you need with each person. You want to include parents, grandparents and siblings for sure. Think of this time as a special family portrait as once you reach a certain age, it's often hard to get the whole family together. We'll go the formal photos as well as any fun ones you would like. Capture your personalities and have fun together. This is a huge day for all of you, so make the most of capturing the memories. Ideal Time – 15-30 minutes Ideal Time of Day – After Ceremony Ideal Location - Outdoors of the Venue, Ceremony Site

Bride and Groom couple session

These are the photos EVERYONE waits patiently to see. If the weather permits, outside lighting is always the best as long as you're in the shade or snapped a bit before the sun sets. We love to use the beauty of the sky and nature. If we cannot get outside, we'll put the lights to good use in your venue. You can do formal shots as well as silly ones. We take as many as needed to ensure you get amazing shots of the two of you united as one. Ideal Time – 1 hour Ideal Time of Day – Late Afternoon, After the Reception Ideal Location – Venue, Outdoors

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