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Essential tips for bride and groom

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. Obviously, you will want to remember this day years down the road and the best way to do this is to take pictures of every moment. Rather than stressing out on the day of, we highly recommend planning out your party ahead of time. Here are 10 essential tips to ensure the photos you desire for a bride-to-be:

1. Enjoy the day

Your wedding day should not be consumed with worrying about pictures and details. It's your big day, and you should be focused on enjoying yourself. You should also be interacting with your guests and thanking them for celebrating with you. There will be plenty of great pictures from the day, so don't stress about it too much. Plus, some of the best pictures will be candid shots of you and your future husband with the guests. If you want to plan a photography schedule ahead of time to ensure you get all the shots you need and want, be sure to check out our other blog on creating a wedding timeline. Overall, don't let posing for the camera overtake the fun and the excitement of the day - live in the moment and let the photographer do the rest.

2. Create a theme and plan your wedding accordingly

To get the best pictures, you need to set the scene. Scenery usually makes up half the photo itself, compromising the venue and the decor; the most important aspect of this will be the venue. When you pick your venue, think if it's worth a little extra to pick a venue that will give you the “must-have” photos that you want; remember to consider both where the ceremony and reception will take place. Throughout the ceremony and reception sites, you will likely need some decorations to place around for a unique touch. Flowers, centerpieces, furniture, and even food all partake in the overall theme of the wedding and can add a lot of personality to your photos.

3. Plan upon having some Photo booth fun

An easy way to get pictures of your guests is to have them take their own photos! There's something charming and vintage about the look of pictures from a photo booth or polaroid camera, and all the guests love it. Include these pictures into your big day by getting an interactive photo booth for the reception; it usually doesn't take up much room or require much maintenance. It is a great way to keep the guests entertained, as well as keep the pictures as a fun reminder of the day. Consider getting a bunch of accessories for the booth, too, like handheld signs or fun hats and glasses. Encourage people to share the pictures on social media right from the photo booth and use your special wedding hashtag!

4. Enlist must have pictures

Throughout the night, you are going to have a number of different pictures you want to take. Generally speaking, these are pictures with certain guests; write down a list of all of the pictures you want. Family lists are pretty typical for weddings, and photographers often have that nailed down. For some more specific groups, like your cousins or a college group, you may want to mention those to your photographer beforehand. You may even have some people that should not take a picture together for personal reasons, which you should also mention to your photographer to avoid any possible feuds. When the photographer has a list, they can make sure to cross all of your must-have pictures off of the list before the end of the night. The venue may have some unique spots that interest you too, don't forget to put those on the list!

5. Good lighting is the key

Every photographer knows that lighting means everything. Do your best to use natural lighting by scheduling outdoor pictures at the most ideal times throughout the day. Be ready for the sunrise or sunset shot when it comes. Furthermore, you should pick a venue that will have plenty of natural lighting for you. If your venue doesn't offer natural lighting, ask about bringing your own lights.

6. Have a pre-decided schedule

Wedding days are chaotic. It's difficult to stick to your schedule by the exact minute, but you have to try your best - once again, hiring an event planner can help with this and take the stress off your back. When you stick to your schedule, your photographer will know where to be at what time. To make this possible, be sure to give yourself plenty of time from the very beginning; getting ready can take a lot longer than anticipated. It’s better to give yourself some cushion room when scheduling, rather than cutting things short!

7. Take a venue tour

Visit the venue in advance with your photographer to plan what areas are your favorite for pictures. You should go over details, such as who else you want in specific shots, and estimate the amount of time it will take you to complete the pictures. If there are a number of outdoor locations, come up with a plan in the case of bad weather - it is smart to do this even if the weather is scheduled to be great.

8. Stay in the moment

You will be posing a lot on your wedding day. Similar to tip number 1, don’t be afraid to take more natural pictures. Encourage a lot of candid shots and take shots in between the posed shots. You should also take pictures with poses that are as natural to you and your loved ones as possible. The photographer will often help you with posing and feeling comfortable taking photos.

9. Choosing your photographer You have a number of different options when it comes to picking a photographer for your wedding; you want to pick the right one for you and your event. Search for photographers in your area that fit your budget and narrow it down by looking at reviews. Finally, look at the work of your different options - one artist's aesthetic may stand out to you above the rest; this is how you know that they are the best photographer for you.

Pictures from your wedding will be displayed for the rest of your life. Using these tips will set you up for a seamless day and allow you to get the most out of your photos. Set up great pictures with a great venue, decorations, and food; have your guests help you by setting up a photo booth. Picking a reputable photographer that shares your vision is important, too. Most of all, just enjoy your day!

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